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  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting 
  • Mold Testing/Inspections
  • Mold Remediation Consulting
  • Material and Particulate Characterization
  • Environmental Sampling
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Risk Management Services




Our testing will identify levels and know and unknown contaminants.  We can monitor industrial exposure of workers and help you comply with CalOSHA regulations.  Improving your office or businesses air quality as recommended by the EPA's indoor air quality for occupants will increase worker comfort and increase your bottom line. Office and business Indoor Air Quality problems can be the cause of excessive employee complaints and health conditions such as asthma, allergies and colds. Such problems can be serious and should be investigated. Industrial workspaces and office buildings without operable windows or inadequate ventilation can create unhealthy conditions. Assessing IAQ can have many beneficial rewards such as improved employee output and comfort, reduced employee absenteeism.  Improving and monitoring IAQ as part of your risk management plan can reduce employer liability while reducing employee legal litigation for health related work risks and exposures.

Indoor Air Quality has many factors and variables to learn more about I.A.Q. please visit EPA's I.A.Q. website.  Many Indoor Air Quality Problems arise from not having adequate ventilation and/or the presence of contaminants in the air. Some aspects our company commonly looks at in addition to interviews and complaint research are:

• Monitoring of chemicals used in business as identified in their Material safety data sheets (MSDS).

• Industrial Workplace air sampling to measure worker exposure for CalOsha compliance.

Carbon Dioxide levels an indicator of fresh air supply

• Carbon Monoxide levels an indicator of exhaust
gas present

• Carpet Gas levels that can cause worker allergies

• Combustible Gas detection indicating gas leaks

• Dust levels to determine if unhealthy levels exist

• Dust characterization to determine what is present

• Formaldehyde gas levels to evaluate product emissions

• Mold Testing indicator of water intrusion and worker allergies

• Temp. And Relative Humidity physical comfort and to protect building and contents

• Total Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.’s) indication of total chemicals present

• V.O.C. characterization to determine what chemicals are present

• Air volumes at supply diffusers to determine air flow

• Pressure differentials to determine if smells or contaminants are moving to unwanted areas.

• Basic assessment of HVAC system to see if it has correct thermal and ventilation load requirements


We provide Mold Testing and Inspection Services for your current existing properties.  We provide office air quality inspections to improve worker comfort resolve complaints and consult on how to remediate damaging moisture issues.  We will also assist you in assessing your liability in real estate transactions, and ultimately to determine if a property is a good investment.  Our investigations can find unknown water intrusion through the presence of mold spores in the air and moisture testing of walls. Air and surface samples are taken identify mold levels. Non destructive moisture testing of the walls and floors is done to identify hidden water leaks. If mold is found C.E.T. LLC will work with your contractor to get accurate bids and control costs while monitoring remediation to insure it is effective and to minimize the spreading of mold into other areas. See mold scams in F.A.Q.  before you begin dealing with a mold problem. You can not remediate mold until moisture problems have resolved, water leaks must be repaired and moisture and humidity levels need to be at normal levels.


To understand what is in the air, air samples can be taken that will identify particles and compounds. Results are easily understood and provide consulting on possible effects.


California Environmental Testing tests and monitors for contaminants and provides consulting on the known effects of such contaminants present. Such services are utilized by Businesses, Ranchers, Farmers, Timber Companies, Private Non-Profits, and Government Agencies.


Risk Management is offered to help decide if a problem exists and which solutions are realistic and economically feasible. C.E.T. will help you identify your risk, find your options, help you select an option by informing you on the effects of each option, monitor implementation and monitor success with follow up testing.

California Environmental Testing offers environmental testing for many more items that are to numerous to list.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for services.

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