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California Environmental Testing LLC is a service company that provides environmental sampling, environmental consulting and property inspections to businesses and homeowners in Northern California. All Studies are conducted by a qualified college educated environmental scientist with a minimum of five years environmental consulting experience and a background in the Building Construction Industry.  This allows us to relate environmental information to the building and to provide clients with useful relevant recommendations and solutions.

We assist clients in determining if current Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.) problems exist and/or if a property is a good investment. C.E.T. LLC specializes in mold testing, mold inspections and provides consulting for the remediation of mold.  C.E.T. LLC has conducted hundreds of mold investigations; we have the expertise and real world experience to assist you.  We offer consulting to assist you in assessing environmental and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) problems. We offer Risk Management services to identify and create practical solutions.

C.E.T. LLC consultants are independent investigators with no affiliations with any remediation companies or contractors, this allows us to provide with accurate reports with no vested interest in the outcome.  C.E.T. LLC is only interested in providing clients with accurate reports and useful information and we are never concerned with selling any clients additional services or recieving incentives from remediators.


Our company works on site inspecting and/or collecting samples and then reporting results in a clear and understandable way.  We aim to create a personal relationships with our clients to insure they get the maximum benifit from our services.  We offer services to Businesses, Homebuyers, Homeowners, Contractors, Building Managers, Engineering Firms, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Agents, Health Care Offices, Ranchers, Farmers, Timber Companies, Private Non-Profits, and Government Agencies. We stay current in the latest technology and instrumentation, understanding the importance of proper testing procedures and follow EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA testing protocols and methods for collection. We use only labs that are accredited by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and have current NELAP certification for water analysis.


California Environmental Testing LLC will provide Environmental Consulting and Property Inspections that report accurately on current property conditions


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