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Air Quality Testing to Meet Your Needs

Our Testing and Inspection Services will assess current conditions and provide clients with useful recommendations and solutions.

Mold testing is available for homeowners to insure there are no mold spores present. Mold is a good indicator of water intrusion and can help detect water problems before costly structural problems occur. Mold can cause allergies, headaches and in severe cases death. Mold testing for homes is done to identify mold and moisture issues to provide you with reliable consulting to resolve your issures. Air samples are taken of the inside air and then the outside air that are used for controls, surface and wall samples can be taken if needed. Our company will visually inspect the property including the attic and crawlspace looking for water intrusion sources. C.E.T will take moisture readings on interior walls to see if water is present and report your indoor humidity. Each job is priced per inspection and per lab tests needed, control sample(s) are required to insure an accurate interpretation.  Mold Testing should never be done by any remediation company as there is clearly a conflict of interest see mold scams in F.A.Q.

Mold is always associated with moisture in order to resolve a mold problem you must reduce moisture levels. For more info on moisture control visit controlling moisture in your home.

Formaldehyde Testing is done to see if levels are in the unhealthy range. Pressed wood products release formaldehyde into the air and can create unhealthy living conditions testing for formaldehyde involves taking air samples and interpreting the results. If a problem is found pressed wood products such as furniture and possibly floors would need to be replaced to lower formaldehyde levels.

Carbon Monoxide Testing is done when there are combustion heaters indoors. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas and can only be detected through testing. Inexpensive carbon monoxide detectors are available at hardware stores although useful they can only detect high levels and can not determine if there are continuous unhealthy lower levels present. Heaters should be vented out of a building but sometimes venting may not work properly causing carbon monoxide to build up which can cause headaches, tiredness and death. Having your home tested can insure your vent is working properly and levels are at normal.

Allergen Testing looks at common allergens in a home and seeks to identify allergen levels caused by cockroaches, rodents, dust mites, mold and pet dander. Allergen Testing is recommended if you are suffering from indoor allergies or recommended by your doctor.

Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Analysis is done when clients are suffering from severe indoor allergies, asthma, or if it is recommended by their doctor. It could involve looking at the carbon dioxide present an indicator of fresh air present, dust load in living space, mold spores present, total chemical load and insect fragments present. For more I.A.Q. info visit Air Resources Board or visit the EPA's Indoor Air Quality Site.


To assist you in assessing your liability in real estate transactions and ultimately to determine if a property is a good investment.

Mold Testing before you buy a home can limit your financial and health risk by finding unknown water intrusion through the presence of mold spores in the air and moisture testing of walls. The purchase of the home is for many individuals their biggest investment. Having the property tested for mold can help protect your investment and your health.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote for services.

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