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Indoor air quality testing is done to access the contaminants present in an indoor environment.  Office indoor air quality improvements will improve worker comfort and increase productivity. Our Indoor Air Quality testing uses OSHA, NIOSH, and  EPA testing procedures to investigate I.A.Q. complaints or give you a profile of your air. Hundreds of compounds can be tested for including gases, chemicals, dust and biological samples. We take special care in instrument calibration and sample handling to produce accurate and reliable results. Our results are compared with controlled samples to ensure accurate data. We offer services for Residential and Businesses. To learn more about indoor air quality visit the EPA's Site for Indoor Air Quality, EPA California, California's Department of Public Health, and Air Resources Page.

Mold Testing is done to identify mold and resolve moisture problems. Mold Testing is done by taking air samples and comparing inside and outside spore numbers and can determine if a building has a high amount of mold present.  Mold and moisture testing will help to assess problems by determining if high mold levels exist and if remediation work is necessary.  If left unresolved mold and moisture issues create substantial property damage over time.   Read more about our mold services, mold problems, and mold scams in F.A.Q. For more general information on mold you also visit the Department of Health, EPA's mold, home page and the CDC's mold home page.


Mold Inspections look for any areas affected by mold and moisture.  During our Inspections we take moisture readings of interior walls in the sample area to see if there is a suitable environment for mold to grow.  Our experts are trained scientists and have a background in the building construction industry.  So we can relate mold data to a building and provide you practical solutions if a problem is found.  We can identify and asses any mold problem you may have.

Consulting services meet your special and specific environmental needs. Risk Management services are offered to help assess environmental conditions present and to help determine if action should be taken to minimize risks and exposure.  Resources on Environmental Risk Management.
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Water testing is done for commercial clients for non municipal testing.  A wide variety of water testing is offered to ensure your water is clean and pure. Common requests are for coliform, PCB testing, and metal analysis. Almost any compound or chemical can be identified. Included with the results is a consultation on whether the water is safe or contaminated according to current drinking water standards, view standards here California & National.

Services Provided For:

Commercial Buildings, Businesses, Homebuyers, Homeowners, Contractors, Building Managers, Engineering Firms, Financial Institutions, Real Estate Agents, Health Care Offices, Lawyers, Ranchers, Farmers, Timber Companies, Private Non-Profits, and Government Agencies.  Proudly serving customers in Northern California since 2003.

Service Areas:

Northern California is our Service Area.  Services includes but not limited to the Bay Area, East Bay, North Bay, Northcoast and the Peninsula.  General Service Areas Include: San Francisco County (San Francisco), Contra Costa County (Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Danville, San Ramon) Humboldt County (Eureka, Fortuna, Ferndale, Arcata, and McKinleyville), Sonoma County (Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Willits), Marin County (San Rafael, Novato).  This is our general service but we do also accept jobs in the Central Valley (Redding, RedBluff, Sacramento, Roseville) and Southern Oregon additional transportation costs will accrue.  If you are unsure if you are in our service area please contact us and we will work with you to accommodate your requests.

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